Why contribute to DIGIT Sanitation?

DIGIT is an open-source waste management service and governance platform. It is designed to streamline interactions between citizens, government employees, service providers, administrators, and policymakers. In low capacity national and sub-national areas, in particular, government agencies do not have the ability to develop systems that can deliver services in a scalable and reliable manner. They end up building systems that are closed, locking data into departmental silos. This makes it difficult for citizens to access data, market players to provide services, and administrators and policymakers to make decisions. Each system builds common functionalities such as authentication, authorisation, location, notification, demand, and payment. These issues impact the ability of government agencies to deliver coordinated services to citizens.

DIGIT Sanitation is architected on DIGIT, a Digital Public Infrastructure, that consists of reusable micro-services:

  1. Common services: Authentication, authorisation, notification, payment, workflow, etc.

  2. Domain services: Individual, household, property, beneficiary, programme, etc. These services store data and make them available through APIs to any applications securely.

  3. Data exchange: To avoid point-to-point integrations, it is critical to build data exchange mechanisms and standards that enable agencies to exchange data in a trusted and non-repudiable manner. This will enable all agencies to deliver services in a coordinated fashion. For example, once a birth is registered in the civil registry, the health department should automatically schedule a vaccine. Data exchanges enable seamless flow of financial and services delivered data between funding and implementing agencies in the government, streamlining the flow of money which is critical for services delivery. Lack of information results in delays in payments to frontline workers, employees, pensioners, and vendors, impacting service delivery.

Building an open-source platform like DIGIT Sanitation can enable governments in low capacity countries to deliver and govern services delivery in a scalable and reliable manner.

How can you contribute?

Develop products on top of DIGIT Sanitation

  1. Solutions for traceability of waste, from pickup to disposal, at a treatment site. These may be QR code-based tracking, or vehicle-based tracking.

  2. Maintenance module for scheduled and on-demand maintenance of plants.

  3. Improved dashboards for administrators/governing bodies.

  4. Mobile app for drivers/frontline workers involved in sanitation.

  5. IoT-based tracking of quality measurement data from plants.

We will keep adding more items here. If you are interested or have any questions you post it on Discussion Board (Coming soon).

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