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Release Notes

Release Summary

This patch release provides the enhancements in the search functionality and FSM registry. Part search is enabled in the entire application to enhance user experience. The fields in the FSM registry are made editable, mandatory, and unique as per its attributes.
The enhancements included are:
  • To enable part search in the entire application.
  • Modify the FSM registry to make fields as mandatory, editable, and unique.


Enabling part search
The v1.3 release had the exact search fields within the application. The patch release will add the capability for part search to significantly enhance the search experience for users.
Updating registry information
In v1.3, functionality was provided for an urban local body (ULB) personnel to add and modify vendor, driver and vehicle details. By making the fields mandatory, editable and unique as per its attributes, it ensures that the most updated and verifiable information of stakeholders is captured in the registries.
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